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PCP Air Rifles

Reximex Throne Camo 5,5mm


Throne is a modern bullpup PCP air rifle from Turkish manufacturer Reximex. The barrel is shrouded and outfitted with a 1/2 UNF thread. You can mount a scope to the 11 mm/22 mm rail. This model comes in a unique camo finish.
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Throne is a modern bullpup PCP air rifle from Turkish manufacturer Reximex. This model comes in a unique camo finish.

The barrel is shrouded and outfitted with a 1/2 UNF thread. You can mount a scope to the 11 mm/22 mm rail.

The air cylinder has a capacity of 425 cc. The built-in pressure regulator ensures a consistent performance with every shot you take. The plastic magazine has a capacity of 12 pellets.

The manual safety is placed in the trigger guard and the trigger itself is fully adjustable.

Key features

• Shrouded barrel

• Air cylinder with a capacity of 425 cc

• Fully adjustable trigger

Package contents

  • mex Throne Camo 5,5mm PCP air rifle Magazines - 2pcs

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5,5 mm / .22
270 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
40 J
Fill Pressure: ?
200 bar
Shots per Fill: ?
3750 g
Overall Length:
875 mm
Barrel Length:
580 mm
Iron Sights:
Mounting Rail:
With A Magazine:
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:
Yes to 22mm
Powerplant: ?
Pressure Regulator: ?
Fire Mode:
Manual Cocking
24 Months

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Registered user, from 24.05.2024

Machine translation

First impressions after purchase: I equipped the rifle with a Valiant Themys II 4–12×40 rifle scope with a Venox 22mm/25.4mm steel high quick release mount. This airgun in camo print looks really great, however it is also quite heavy, but it feels good in the hand due to the pistol grip and overall ergonomics. The lens axis is high enough and the lowered buttpad fits well in the shoulder. The machining is flawless, the finish is free of visible defects. The cocking lever has a smooth operation. The safety and trigger are good to me without any adjustment. The magazines are free of defects. I filled the cartridge with a manual hand pump right from 0 bar, but it goes really slow due to the large volume. The rifle is probably factory set to max power, after the first shot I immediately reduced the power to minimum to adjust the rifle scope. At 25 meters with the JSB Jumbo heavy the pellet drop was visible to the eye, after increasing the power the point of impact rises upwards (up to 10 cm) and slightly to the right. This left me with the problem when adjusting, as the rifle has multiple options (3) and you can't read in the manual how to align them all together. So far I'm shooting with the factory settings for the regulator and hammer and i'm only adjusting the power dial, but it is very stiff. Any rotation of it means readjusting the rifle scope. Shooting at full power is kinda pointless and quite noisy at 25m, wastes air and destroys the metal plate behind the target, so for now I'm setting it below half power. Overall I'm happy, the rifle looks and shoots well. Too bad it doesn't come in a hard case that has to be tall enough, my airgun with attachments is 27cm wide and only 82cm long, so fabric cases are unusable.

  • excellent workmanship and ergonomics, easy to hold and shoot
  • adjustable power
  • excellent trigger and safety design
  • regulator with pressure gauge, swapping the charging lever to the other side
  • smooth operation of the charging lever
  • lower rail and upper combined rail
  • the top mounting bar is very high
  • insufficient user manual
  • the rifle is difficult to grip and carry with one hand on the shooting range and is quite heavy
  • the magazine in the reversed position has a reversed dial
  • the cap of the filling pin is too loose
  • power adjustment with the tiny knob is very stiff
  • no hard case, which is essential

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