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List of Brands

We choose our brands with the utmost care, and we use the products we sell ourselves. This is why we only sell products that we believe are really worth it. If you have a question or tip for interesting manufacturers, let us know.


Vast Selection of Different Brands

For Weapons, Hunting and Outdoor

  • Air Arms

    British company Air Arms has been producing airguns for more than 5 decades. Their air rifles are widely considered to be among the best you can buy. They have earned their good reputation thanks to the high standards of manufacturing quality and employment of professional shooters and some of the best engineers.

  • ASG

    ASG produces faithful replicas of firearms that are perfect for any airsoft enthusiast. Most of the products have been licensed from the original manufacturers. ASG CO2 air guns use steel shot as ammunition. Therefore, they are suitable for both hobby and destructive shooting.

  • Balistas

    Our own brand of products that strives to deliver a very good price/performance ratio. Balistas offers products that competitors either don't have or offer at significantly higher prices. For example, you can find steel BB pellets, air gun targets or arrows.

  • Cometa

    A Spanish brand that has been producing quality air guns since 1874. And they have kept the bar high all this time. How do they do it? The savvy Southern guys at Cometa say it's not a job but a craft. That's part of the reason why they keep the production in house.

  • Crosman

    William McLean could hardly imagine that his company would still be relevant a 100 years after he had patented his airgun design. His New York based company is in fact one of the major players on today’s market.

  • Evanix

    Evanix focuses on PCP weapons. It excels with polished finishes and walnut or sepetia wood stocks. The quality of the products is related to the fact that all production is done in-house. As a result, the company responds faster to market demands, which translates into new innovations.

  • Kalibrgun

    The brand produces high-performance PCP weapons. You ask if the Czech Kalibrgun has anything in common with the Russian one? The answer is: Да. The company was founded in 2005 in Moscow and opened a modern production facility in Prague, where you can find the highest quality CNC machines.

  • Kral Arms

    A traditional Turkish manufacturer of airguns who has supplied a staggering 3,000,000 guns to the market over the last 20 years. They are currently focusing on the PCP Puncher airgun. You can use them for both hunting and sport shooting.

  • Leatherman

    Leatherman multitools are a guaranteed quality all-round tool that will help you on the job and on the move. The company is synonymous with uncompromising quality, which is demonstrated by the incredible durability and longevity of the products.

  • Mora

    Scandinavians like to go back to their roots. They know that what is good will last. The Swedish village of Mora is an example. Knives have been made here for more than 400 years and the Mora of Sweden brand continues this tradition.

  • Sig Sauer

    Sig is one of the top 5 arms producers in the world. Its domain is handguns. They have first-class workmanship, extremely long service life and are reliable. That's why they're used by the FBI and Navy Seals, for example.

  • SPA

    The notion that the Made in China brand is changing for the better is evidenced by the fact that SPA exports its goods all over the world and reaps success wherever it goes. Their air rifles and pistols are of high quality and the price is unbeatable, no one can do it cheaper than the Chinese.

  • Taipan

    The Taipan company bears the name of one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. This proves that its airguns are just as effective and deadly accurate as this reptile.

  • Umarex

    Umarex began producing gas and signal guns in 1972, the highest quality guns on the market at the time. That guaranteed them a dream start. Later, they added air rifles. And when the two leading men at the company, Wulf-Heinz Pflaumer and Franz Wonisch, had the idea of making replica guns, they had no clue that it was a golden opportunity.

  • UZI

    UZI stun guns are made under American supervision and are considered a benchmark for quality products and parts. This also means reliability and durability.

  • Valiant

    Valiant manufactures quality riflescopes for target shooting and hunting. It was founded in 2011 in the Czech Republic and is backed by shooters who lacked quality optics at an affordable price.

  • Venox

    Czech brand Venox will completely equip every shooter without emptying his wallet. The company makes a lot of things, such as gun cases, scope mounts, targets, pellet traps, gun cleaning accessories, bipods and so much more.

  • Walther

    Carl Walther graduated in gunsmithing, married the daughter of a revolver maker and ran a sporting and service weapon shop from 1886. Carl's eldest son and designer Fritz Walther designed the legendary Walther PP in 1929.

  • Weihrauch

    Quality German air rifles by the Weihrauch brand will tickle the hearts of every sports shooter. The Made in Germany label speaks for itself. Each piece is first tested by the Germans, then sent to the customer.

  • Zink

    Are you planning a big party or just need a few flares for your gas gun? You'll find everything you need in the assortment of the German company Zink Feuerwerk. Pyrotechnics of this brand are known for their dependability and quality.

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