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Unikátní obranné prostředky ze Švýcarska


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Piexon Guardian Angel III OC

Self-defense pistol, which is suitable for everyone due to compact dimensions. The most powerfull self-defense product on our market. It can be used in a closed room also. Produced in Switzerland.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 43.6


Guardian Angel II Belt Clip

This practical belt clip will allow you to attach your Piexon Guardian Angel II pepper spray pistol to your belt. Newer models (generation III and IV) already come equipped with a belt clip.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 4.4


Guardian Angel III / IV Laser Clip

This laser clip will allow you to take aim more easily with your Guardian Angel III and IV pepper spray pistols. It is powered by the CR2032 battery (not included).

Long-term Unavailable

€ 18.4


Piexon Guardian Angel III OC - Purple

Guardian Angel III OC is a highly effective and compact self-defense tool, which you can have with you all the time. It has two loads and each contains 6 ml of OC Piexol pepper extract. It will successfully disable the attacker.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 38.8


Piexon Guardian Angel IV OC Gray

Guardian Angel IV OC is the newest version of the highly effective pepper spray pistol from Swiss company Piexon. It offers compact size and has a maximum effective range of 4 m with a 30 cm spread.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 42.0



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