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COBB Premier Air Deluxe Grill


An excellent portable grill that hardly smokes and has a clever design that keeps the outer casing cool even when in full operation.
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The COBB Premier Air Deluxe Grill is an excellent portable grill that smokes almost nothing and has a design that makes it safe to carry around during full operation. The outer casing is well separated from the internal heat source - so it stays cool throughout the grilling process. The grill can then be grasped with a calm heart and placed on a plastic garden table, for example. However, internal temperatures can reach up to 300 °C.

The versatility of the Air Deluxe is enormous. You can fry and cook, grill, smoke and bake with it. Vegetables and potatoes, for example, can be placed in the inner bowl. Then just top up with water, beer or wine (max 200 ml) and make a juicy side dish. You can also grill, bake or fry on the stove.

During operation, the smoke is kept to a minimum as the fat and juices from the food being prepared are drained out of reach of the hot coals. Although it does not produce so many "emissions" that you cannot use it in more built-up areas, it is still not suitable for unventilated and enclosed spaces. The inner bowl can be easily washed or lined with a sleeve of aluminium foil, which you can then just pack up and throw away. All parts of the grill can be cleaned with water and detergents.

The newly developed lid has a built-in airflow control system. If you want to increase the temperature, just turn the lid handle, this will increase or decrease the ventilation holes located in the top of the lid. Fully open vents provide more airflow and higher temperature. If you find the heat too high, simply throttle the airflow, i.e. reduce the vents.

COBB Premier Air Deluxe comes with a Griddle+ grill plate. This has a more pronounced grill pattern and optimal heat distribution. A non-stick surface is a matter of course.

For grilling, you can use Cobblestone Briquettes, which we strongly recommend as it will reduce preparation to ±10 min. Of course, you can also heat up regular briquettes or charcoal.

The grill is easily portable through its small size and weight, so you can grill virtually anywhere. In the featured items you will find a large number of accessories that will allow you to satisfy any gastronomic craving.

Key Features

- New lid with adjustable vents for heat control

- Outer shell stays cool during use

- When using Cobblestone briquettes, it is ready in minutes

- Low weight and size

- Comes with grill plate

- Almost smokeless grilling

Package contents

  • COBB Premier Air Deluxe Grill
  • Grip
  • Griddle+ grill plate

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Gril COBB Premier Air Deluxe

Gril COBB Premier Air Deluxe


Weight (kg):
5.4 kg
Grate Diameter:
300 mm
340 mm
24 Months

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Verified customer, from 13.05.2022

Machine translation

I recommend to all who want a comfortable, clean and hassle-free barbecue. Imperceptible smoke, almost like an electric grill. After the first use, I wouldn't want anything else but this excellent grill.

  • Small, compact, full of additional equipment.

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