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Blaster Gelbee Stinger Full-Auto


This electric gel BB blaster Gelbee Stinger can fire up to 7 BBs per second at a speed of 36m/s thanks to its fully automatic mode. Gel BBs are made from eco-friendly, easily degradable and non-toxic Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), and expand to 10 times their size when soaked in water.
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24 Months
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This is something else - a gel BB blaster! The Gelbee Stinger is an electric blaster with a unique design that shoots gel BBs instead of foam projectiles.

And it shoots them really fast. Thanks to the rechargeable battery that is inserted into the handle, the Stinger can shoot up to 7 pellets per second in full-auto mode at a velocity of 36m/s. In case you want to improve the accuracy, the package also includes a detachable add-on grip that can be easily snapped onto the 22mm rail using a push button - so there's no need to screw anything together. Accidental discharge can be prevented by a simple safety that can be released with one hand.

The clear Hopper magazine is inserted from the top and holds up to 430 expanded gel BBs, making it sufficient for a really long fight without the need for frequent refills.

The velocity of the fired BBs is just high enough for you to notice the hit. It doesn't hurt at all, so it's a perfect activity for the whole family or friends.

Gel BBs are made from eco-friendly, easily degradable and non-toxic Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), and expand to 10 times their size when soaked in water.

The BBs need to be left submerged in water for at least 4 hours, even overnight, to fully hydrate. Afterwards, dry the excess water, load them into the magazine and start having fun.

The fired BBs begin to decompose right upon contact with air, leaving no mess behind except for the absorbed water. Therefore, you don't have to worry about contaminating your yard.

In case you don't use all the hydrated BBs, they can be stored in water for several months. Keep the resealable bag with dry BBs in a dry, cool environment.

Make sure to purchase the gel BBs and the speed loader Gelbee.

Package contents

  • Blaster Gelbee Stinger Full-Auto
  • Magazine for gel BBs
  • Detachable handle
  • Ni-MH 400mAh 7.2V battery
  • USB Cable for charging the battery
  • Plastic bag with a sample of gel BBs
  • Clear protective goggles

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Blaster Gelbee Stinger Full-Auto

Blaster Gelbee Stinger Full-Auto


6 mm / .236
Gel BBs
Battery Capacity:
400 mAh
Charging Voltage:
7.2 V
36 m/s
Mounting Rail Type:
22 mm
Magazine Capacity:
Fire Mode:
Battery Type:
24 Months

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Martin Gasser

Registered user, from 11.07.2023

Machine translation

  • Ideal for the garden
  • It's not the most accurate, but it makes up for it in cadence
  • The intervention doesn't really hurt, but you know about it
  • I think it'll be a lot of fun
  • As long as the glasses are on, I wouldn't be afraid of a "fight" with/among the kids
  • After a practice shooting in the office, small spots were left on the wall (shot with yellow-green pellets), so it will leave some slight effects - watch out for the facade ;)

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