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Airsoftové repliky pro každého



Chinese company Airsoft Gun Manufacturer or AGM is one of the most well-known manufacturers of airsoft guns. AGM has a reputation for producing quality airsoft guns.

Their portfolio includes sniper rifles as well as shotguns and replicas of famous weapons. Among the most popular pieces it offers is the AGM MG42 machine gun. Even though its magazine can hold up to 2,500 BBs, it can fire them all within two minutes. It fires at a rate of 1,500 rounds per minute. Another interesting piece is a replica of the L-96 sniper rifle. Its official name is the AGM Airsoft sniper and if you wish, you can mount a rifle scope on it.

Besides such highly sophisticated weapons in a metal construction you can also find so-called "low-end" weapons. With these you can play in the backyard without worrying about getting hurt.

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